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Let’s face it; we live in a society that is over stimulated and under producing. Bombarded with information, trying to push and pull us in every direction. This attack on our conscious and unconscious minds is holding many back from reaching their true goals in life and fulfilling their true passions in life.

Are you aware that you have a subconscious and a conscious mind? Most people think that they are one in the same. This lack of understanding has affected and is affecting much of the population.  Think of the subconscious and conscious minds in this way.  The subconscious is obedient, it loves to serve and therefore it is important to give your subconscious clear and precise instructions.  Your conscious is the goal setter and the subconscious is the goal getter.  At Clarity Now Coaching we work with conflicts at the conscious and subconscious level to give you the benefit of true clarity in order to reach your goals.

Getting Clarity Now on your aspirations and true goals is our mission. 


Once your mind has Clarity, everything becomes clear.

Looking Out to the Lake

“We know what we are,
but not what we may be.”

William Shakespeare

About me

Shannon Taylor

Shannon is a speaker, Certified Success Coach, and Master of Nuero-Linguistic Programming (NLP) specializing in meaningful transformational mindset changes for entrepreneurs and sales professionals ready take their work to a new level.

Prior to becoming a coach, Shannon spent 21 years as a corporate recruiter, working with senior management for such companies as ADP, Apple Computer and BlackBerry Corporation.

Now at Clarity Now Coaching, Shannon always seeks new answers to questions with a playful and positive approach that is both imaginative and inventive that gets results.


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Whether in a corporate, private or public setting, exciting changes can happen now.

business solutions

Custom solutions that yield results for individuals, teams and companies. 

Rensa L.

“My career path was ambiguous, lacking focus.
Now I have a mapped out plan that I know is realistic and achievable.”

Kate H.

“I work in a male dominated industry and I lacked confidence when voicing my opinion at company meetings, now I speak up with confidence and ease”



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