At Clarity Now Coaching we provide a host of services that range from one-on-one to group coaching with seminars that range in various lengths and topics.


Get the Most out of Life

At Clarity Now Coaching we respect that “success” can be measured in different ways, and that each individual client will have their own personal definition of success. We recognize that each client’s life has many competing facets: career, family, health, spirituality, and self-development.

Personal Clarity Coaching is able to assist in the growth and nurturance in any or all of these areas. Through our services we will help you in balancing out your life. We do this through a wide range of techniques: NLP, Hypnosis, Time line techniques, EFT, EMI e.g.

Specific areas that we work with include:

  • Work anxiety

  • Quitting smoking

  • Weight loss

  • Goal Setting

  • Confidence

  • Transition (Work/Travel)

  • Self-Talk

  • Self-Motivation

  • Phobias

  • Stress

  • Clarity

People are amazed at how just changing one little thought or belief improves all aspects of life.

Young Lawyer
Audiovisual Conference


Corporate, Private or Public

At Clarity Now Coaching, we believe that exciting changes can happen now. Because of this, we offer seminars on a variety of topics, in a variety of settings. These seminars may be held at a company, through a private booking, or in a public setting. If you are interested in booking our services (including a customized session for you or your business) please contact us for price and details.

Topics include:

  • Sales and influence

  • Future success and goal setting, goal achievement

  • Law of Attraction

  • Self-hypnosis seminar – Hypnosis and EFT

  • Pitching to VC and Angle Investors with NLP

  • Athletes/Top performers- Situational anxiety, confidence on demand

  • Building a team – management secrets

  • Weight lose/health with hypnosis


See the Opportunities

Is there a lack of motivation in your sales team? Has communication broken down within the organization? Is there uncertainty to the direction of projects, or maybe meetings drag on with no ending in site? Clarity Now Coaching offers many solutions to the problem above and many others that may be an issue at your place of work.

How are we able to make change? We use a variety of techniques to solve the problems that are being faced. With each case being as unique and the individuals involved, our results are guaranteed for the specific problem or problems that are declared.

Some of our areas of focus that, when fixed, instantly add value to your business include:

  • Effective Meetings

  • Sales and Persuasion

  • Communication among Coworkers

  • Office Motivation

  • Project Goal Setting

Successful Work Team


“Got my first signed listing just now using what we talked about. I am so excited. Thank you.”

Mills L.

“I was promoted to a management position at work and initially I had trouble getting people to do their jobs.  Now I understand how to set goals and motivate each of my employees. Production has increased and the work environment is great.”



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